Anna Bailey is a DIYer to her core.  From DIY home projects tackled with her husband and four kids, to pursuing DIY music as a singer-songwriter, she loves the challenge and creative process in doing it herself.  This last fall she started her own business, Anna Anna either spends her days in the shop (aka, their garage) designing and building furniture from re-claimed lumber, dreaming up her next DIY project, writing her blog, composing music, and caring for her busy family of six.  In the evenings you can catch her at favorite local establishments in Duluth playing and singing her tunes. She also teaches DIY classes to women, helping them learn to use power tools and build their own creations.  She sells her furniture and home decor at trade shows and a local boutique.   Anna loves her city and community dearly and desires to see it grow and develop.  So each month, her gig and tip money are given away to support a specific local Duluth community organization.  

DIY project:

Wood Slice Centerpiece Serving Tray 

1. Find a cured log about 15-18 inches wide.

2. Cut a wood slice 3/4 - 1  1/2 inches thick (if you don't have the tools or wood to cut your own, purchase wood slice at a craft store).

3. Allow to dry out for a few days.  Keep away from moisture.

4. Apply Minwax wood hardener to the front and back of wood slice.  Follow 

directions on the product and allow for dry time.

5. Sand.  This step takes some time and may involve a variety of sanders, depending on what you have.  We used a large belt sander with 60 grit paper, and followed up by using a palm sander with 120, followed by 220 grit sandpaper.

6. Apply natural colored stain.  Follow stain directions.

7. If needed, sand stain smooth with 600 grit sandpaper.

8. Apply 2-4 coats of Painters Touch Rust-Oleum Glossy Clear Coat finish.  Sand in between coats with 600 grit to get a smooth finish.  This product is food safe once fully cured.