"Ooksie, kooksie, kulama fie, Sainta Urho iss ta poy for me! He sased dose rogs bot leek and leen, Prafest Finn I effer seen! Some celeprate for St. Pat unt his nakes, Put Urho boyca, he got what it takes! He got tall and trong from feelia sour, Unt ate kullyamoiakka effry hour. Dat's how he could sase does pig kreen rogs, What krew as pig as shack bine logs! So let's gif a sheer, in our pest vay On May twenny eight, St. Urho's Day!!" Today we celebrate the fun Finnish legend of St. Urho. Whether you celebrate frogs or grasshoppers, make this day a GREAT St. Urho's Day!!!! For the full scoop on the legend, see Mike Mattson's article in the latest issue of Lake Time Magazine HERE!