by Joe Henry

Photo by Emily Theisen

There is an area in the northern section of Minnesota's Lake of the Woods that is, well, let's call it special. Special, that is, if you appreciate a variety of wildlife, thousands of islands, a relaxed way of life, and, of course, world class fishing. Some call this area God's Country. The absolute breathtaking beauty and the positive feelings this area invoke upon people's souls is contagious. If you have been there, there is a good chance you are a return visitor. If you have not been there, this is an adventure to add to the bucket list. This area is way too special to miss. 

In thinking about Lake of the Woods, it helps to think about it in basically three parts. First, the Rainy River on the south end flows into the lake. Second, Big Traverse Bay is the large body of water in the middle that rivals a Great Lake. The third section is on the north end, starting at Garden Island, and is where the 14,552 islands of the lake begin. This area is the northernmost point of the contiguous U.S., and it's called the NW Angle. 

- Only about 120 people live full-time in this entire area.
- Deer and bear most certainly outnumber people.
- The Angle Inlet School is the only surviving one room school in MN. In fact, I had the opportunity to attend the school play and it was fabulous. 100% of the students performed in the play... all 10 of them!

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