Jordan Weis

Jordan Weis is an air ambulance pilot with a strong passion for capturing the beauty of this world through photography (and videography). His wife convinced him that they should purchase a camera for their honeymoon in 2016. He was somewhat reluctant at first but is thankful to now have a healthy addiction to photographing anything and everything.

Tell us about how you get your best shots? What tools do you use?

I spend a lot of time planning "perfect shots" that don't always turn out the way I hoped. These are my learning experiences. Some of my best shots have been when something random caught my eye and I pursued it in the spur of the moment. It really helps to always have a camera riding shotgun.

How do you best disconnect from the daily grind and reconnect with your passions?

Getting out into nature however I can, whether it's hiking, kayaking with the camera, or just doing nothing in the middle of nowhere. The moments spent doing this help me to remember what is actually important in life.

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