by Kelly Kabotoff

Be prepared. It's good life advice - it is the motto of the Boy Scouts after all! The idea is that you are always in a state of readiness, in mind and body. While I (obviously) was not a Boy Scout, I do strive to be ready for what life throws at me in any scenario. Whether you are embarking on the trip of a lifetime, or you are simply out exploring the natural wonders in your backyard, smart gear will always help you be prepared for your next adventure. Ready, set, be prepared... 

Nanoloft Puffy Blanket - Rumpl - $149.00 My top pick for staying cozy, this blanket is super light and easy to clip onto my backpack (or around my shoulders) during an outdoor adventure. Admittedly I can also be found snuggling up with it while reading a book by the fire... or on the airplane.

High Sierra Shirts / High Water Shirt - California Cowboy - starting at $135.00 These shirts take being prepared to a whole new level. If your adventure is bringing you to colder temps, the High Sierra is your answer. This Apr├Ęs Ski flannel shirt has a cozy thermal lining. Headed to warmer waters? The High Water shirt has short sleeves, tropical prints, and a water-absorbent, terry-cloth lining. The best part - both styles feature a beer pocket, zippered dry pocket, and sunglasses loop. Oh... and you get a bottle opener and koozie with your shirt. Cheers to that!

Nomad 5 Solar Panel Kit - Goal Zero - $79.95 There is no denying that we rely on our electronics, even when we are out in nature. Solar power is the answer and the Nomad kit has everything you need to charge your iPhone so you can stay connected and get that perfect picture.

Radium Sunglasses - Zeal Optics - $149.00 While I love when the sun helps to charge my gear and warm my back, I hate getting caught in the glare unprepared. Zeal Optics sunglasses are my favorite pick. They are super light and durable,
and they are made from plants so they are a conscious choice too. Did I
mention fashionable?

No. 6 Knife - Opinel - $16.00 I'm not sure if he was a Boy Scout, but my grandpa always had a knife in his pocket, and it often came in very handy. This one is the smallest model from Opinel and features the Virobloc safety ring. It easily fits in a pocket or bag and always delivers when needed. I also love that it comes in colors and patterns that give it a unique, even fashionable, spin.

Seventy2 Survival System - Unchartered Supply Company - $349.99 While we don't want disasters on the mind in times of adventure, it's still a realistic part of always being prepared. Enter the world's first fully-integrated 72-hour survival system. Designed to guide you safely through any unexpected emergency, the Seventy2 has everything you need to turn a potential disaster into a minor inconvenience. Keep it in your trunk, or bring it on your next adventure, and ensure that you are prepared for anything.

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