David Burke, Sarah Schroeder, Stacy

Phillips, and Angie Gallus


What's your mission?
Our mission is to create unique, high-quality apparel and goods inspired by life at the lake and rooted in our core values. We focus on doing more with less, working hard but finding time to have fun, being conscious of our environmental impact, and always putting quality first. As we continue to grow, we want to push the envelope on sustainably-made products and further our initiatives of preserving our lakes for future generations. 

-David Burke

What's your WHY?
Apparel is an interesting way to show self-expression and it is used every day. But I saw the need to use a quality product that is not harmful to our environment. My goal is to make "Your Favorite T-shirt!" Today, all of our products come from sustainable companies and companies who use WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified factories.

-Sarah Schroeder

Proudest moment?
It's difficult to pick a single proudest moment but I know I feel most proud when I receive notes, emails, or expressions from customers, colleagues, and teammates who express how much they love and enjoy working with us and being a part of what we do.

-Stacy Phillips

When did you first get your start?
We launched Finley's in 2016 out of a commercial kitchen in MN with the simple idea of connecting people through pets. Since then, our mission has evolved to serve people in need nationally. We've formed production partnerships to meet demand and be competitive in the industry while giving work experience opportunities to people
with disabilities. 

-Angie Fallus

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