by Megan Kellin

For almost two years now, Alissa and Quinten Kovanen of The Wild Acorn have specialized in the design and construction of practical and elegant build-outs in Retail + Office Spaces, Hotels, Venues, and Luxury Homes. Yes, let it be known that The Wild Acorn is steeped in creativity, design, and client service and they're not stopping there!



                                                         -Alissa Kovanen

While their design-led approach and collaborative client-focused process distinguish them, it is their comprehensive turnkey approach to building that resonates. It's these qualities together with their relentless commitment to excellence that has led to the lasting client relationships that define The Wild Acorn.

"It is essential that each space we design and build is unique and represents the lifestyle needs of our clients," says Quinten. Quinten and Alissa are remarkable people who are driven by discovery through their relationships, research, and design. "In the simplest sense, our ideas are the precursors for all of our design work," says Quinten.

Ideas + Buildings, this little company on the rise features emerging thought leadership across the board, inviting even greater global dialog around learning, wellness, workplace, sustainability, and everything in between.


Here are some examples of how these two are able to work within the spaces and confines available to them and why they do it (because sometimes you don't have any other choice!).

Q: You  guys  seems  to  make  a  great  team,  both  bringing  completely  different  skill  sets  to  the  table. Can  you  elaborate?

A: It was a fast learning curve understanding how to balance each other when looking at a project. From the start of a project, we collaborate to discuss what some of the challenges might be and then go from there. I do most of the visualizing while Quinten is a great problem solver.

I suppose it helps that we're married, ha! We are able to communicate to one another without it being like speaking in a foreign language.   

Q: Would you consider yourself to be 'yes' people? What have you learned from that mode of operation? 

A: I am very much the 'yes' person! Sometimes that leaves us with tight timelines but that just makes us stronger as a team. I love what I do, so I am easily excited and inspired when talking to a new client about a project. You can't grow a business without being a 'yes' person.  

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