The Vintage Studio is made up of a dynamic duo of creativity: Jen (right) & Erica (left). Erica is an Inventory Buyer for Sportsman's Guide, an hunting and fishing company, crunching numbers and data by day, but at night her creative side comes out and she gets covered in paint, ink and dust creating whatever her brain can come up with. During the day Jen is a Graphic Designer for National Salon Resources designing advertising and signage for 19 stores and after work she expands her creativity to include power tools, paint, and fun textiles. However on the weekends, we get together to get into all kinds of trouble. We travel to flea markets, thrift stores and work on projects together for the stores.

How The Vintage Studio got started-- In the 8 years we have known each other, we have worked together at several businesses, attempted the craft show circuit together and have finally settled doing what we enjoy most -- having fun creating all kinds of beautiful things. Where we {each} find our inspiration, and how do we make it work as a team--The Vintage Studio works having two designers because we both are inspired by the same things: typeface, measuring instruments, geography and all things vintage. We channel our inner creativity to turn the things we love into art. You will find these trends with almost everything we do: book letters, MN boards and pouches, etc. And best of all these are also the things we love to collect. Our favorite things to collect--Erica has a large collection of vintage measuring tapes, Westcott rulers and just for fun small birds and owls (even the ugly ones). Jen has a growing collection of collections, not limited to: yardsticks, flower frogs, birds, stags, Shiny Brite ornaments, Putnam dye paraphernalia, anything with the alphabet on it, old maps, vintage scales and tools, charm bracelets, and sparkly brooches. 

You should also know--We also teach classes at Makers Market. Makers Market is a DIY workshop series making high­ end Pinterest ­inspired projects accessible to TVS customers in facilitated, fun, hands-­on setting.

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