My name is Dafne Caruso, artist and owner of the Art Corner in Ely, MN.  Art is an intricate and innate part of who I am as a being.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to not only have a business that brings joy via art supplies and classes to others, but to also be able to spend time sitting in my onĀ­site studio playing with materials and creating my own work. I often get asked what inspires me and the simple answer is everything.  Listening to music, perusing other artists' work, taking a hike in the woods, traveling, a scene from a movie, all these instances (and more) fill me with ideas that I need to express in my art. The possibilities and potential of the Art Corner and of myself as an artist drives me to do more and push harder, and just as important is the position of being to share my love and passion for the arts with anyone who cares to listen.  The greatest and consistent compliment have always been these words: 

"Your passion is contagious.  You have inspired me to go home and play (with art)".  

I am a happy woman!