Itasca Leathergoods is a small leather-working shop and retail store in Lake George, MN, located just outside of Itasca State Park. It was initially visualized as a souvenir stand, attracting tourists as they went to and from the park. Over the years, however, the company changed its focus and discontinued the souvenir-type of merchandise and switched its focus to its high-quality handcrafted moccasins and other leather goods, all of which are made on site -- a fairly unique approach to retail in today's environment. The backbone of the business is now the wide variety of moccasins -- made in a traditional, authentic manner but updated with incredible custom leathers, including game hides such as elk, moose, and buffalo and available in a wide array of unexpected colors.

Many decades ago, there were numerous small, family-owned moccasin-making businesses across the country similar to Itasca Leathergoods, but at present very few remain -- and those that do either concentrate on very traditional colors and styles (think shades of brown) or have moved their manufacturing into mass-production facilities overseas to take advantage of cheap labor and cheap leather. Itasca Leathergoods, however, has taken a different approach, and is super proud of our made-in-Minnesota ethic. Instead of being the low cost provider, it aims to make the best moccasins possible by finding the best possible leathers, often working directly with tanneries and pushing them to develop colors and unique finishes that aren't available elsewhere. This allows the company to get the coolest colors, split to the right thickness, with the perfect degree of suppleness, and finished with the right balance of waxes and oils.

The company excels at custom work, guaranteeing a perfect fit y making individual patterns for hard-to-fit feet, or for those customers who have different-sized feet, or those with bunions or hammertoes. Besides traditional leather-soled moccasins, the company now offers a natural crepe rubber sole option, which offers more grip on snow and ice, as well as wet surfaces such as dewy grass or wet wooden decks. They're perfect for home, cabin, driving, or even the pontoon.  The Factory Store is open daily year-round in Lake George MN. 

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