Family Business Making Boat Lift Installation and Removal Easier

If you ask any lakefront owner what the worst times of the year are, the typical response is every spring and fall. Why? Because there is the dreaded chore of having to install and remove the dock and boat lift. Enter Boat Lift Helper, the first of its kind that solves the burden of boat lift installation and removal with an attachable inflatable airbag system.

American made, the Boat Lift Helper is what once was a pegboard idea on a napkin. After years of struggling and wrestling with his own boat lift, Tim Mans decided there had to be a better way to install, reposition and remove his boat lift in the water. "I wanted to design something that would enable me to float my lift in and out of the lake with ease" said Tim Mans, Founder and Co-Owner of Boat Lift Helper. Mans went on to say: "I engineered the design from years of trying many different ways to solve a problem that not only myself had always struggled with, but so many other boat lift owners had as well. I created a solution using industrial grade products so it could withstand heavy weight and could be relied on year-after-year."

The birthplace of this idea was in the small town of Remer, Minnesota on Lake Vermillion while the manufacturing is held in Corcoran, Minnesota. Founded in 2009 Boat Lift Helper is family owned and operated by a father, mother, son trio. Tim, Cindy and Donnie Mans.

With a drive to support other local Minnesota businesses, more than 90% of a Boat Lift Helper system is manufactured with components from local companies.The Boat Lift Helper system is made of the same tough material that the military uses to raise sunken equipment from the ocean floor. The heavy-duty air-lift-bags will raise a boat lift up off the lake bottom for simple positioning right from your dock.

No need to muscle the boat lift through muddy, sandy, rocky, or weedy lake bottoms.

No more pressuring friends and family, no more getting in the cold water trying to push and pull. Boat Lift Helper is an innovative floatation system for easy boat lift installation, mid season adjustment and removal.

If you are interested in learning more, or have any questions please contact Donnie Mans at (763) 498-7543 or by email at [email protected]